It’s finally that time of year!  Spring is here, plants are pushing though the ground and fresh produce is on the horizon!  

We are hosting a CSA drop again this year, and it will be with Great Country Farms.  I’m expecting it to go MUCH more smoothly this year and is MUCH more organized!  I’m SO excited!  Check out their site to read more about the farm and how wonderful they are!  I have many friends who have done CSAs with them for years and never have any complaints!  I’m SO ready for that!!!
There are also some great additional perks to include:
  • Weekly coupons for picking your own additional veggies at the farm
  • Free admission to all farm festivals for the year
CSA runs the first week of June through the third week of October.

We aren’t sure yet of the drop day of the week, but I will be sure to keep you updated! Our home is located less than 1 mile from 66, 28, 29 and Braddock Rd.

The cost for the regular box is $599, but they do offer smaller boxes or you can split with someone.  I think the boxes will be a little smaller than last year.
So… sign up!!! Our drop is on the Community Group Site and called the Centreville CSA Home Drop.  We need at least 15 families to make this work.  I’m hoping that making it a public drop it will help us get to that number.  So PLEASE pass the word on!  If we have less than 10 families I think the cost of the season will increase for each of you.  So please help!!!Click here to sign up!!
(Also I have capped it at 20 families, so even though it’s a public drop, it shouldn’t get too big!! )